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2014 International trends in technological progress: Stylized facts from patent citations, 1980 - 2011Kwon, Soonwoo / Lee, Jihong / Lee, Sokbae
2009 Democracy and reformsGiuliano, Paola / Mishra, Prachi / Spilimbergo, Antonio
2006 Happiness and the human development index: Australia is not a paradoxLeigh, Andrew / Wolfers, Justin
2008 Comparing regional development in China and IndiaWu, Yanrui
2002 What determines public education expenditures in a transition economy?Verbina, Inna / Chowdhury, Abdur
2003 Economic policy, institutional development, and income growth: How Arab countries compare with other developing countriesNunnenkamp, Peter
2002 Why economic growth trends differ so much across developing countries : the globalization debate and its relevance to PakistanNunnenkamp, Peter
2007 How Fast are Small Tourist Countries Growing? The 1980-2003 EvidencePigliaru, Francesco / Brau, Rinaldo / Lanza, Alessandro
2014 The People's Republic of China's growth, stability, and use of international reservesAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin / Marion, Nancy P.
Feb-2014 The Data of Labor Market in Turkey and Time Series Analysis on Economic Growth (2000:01-2013:03)Kargı, Bilal

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