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DateTitle Authors
2013 Missing women in the United KingdomAdamou, Adamos / Drakos, Christina / Iyer, Sriya
1999 Medium-Term Forecasts of Potential GDP and Inflation Using Age Structure InformationLindh, Thomas
2012 The effect of household debt on aggregate demand: The case of SpainJauch, Sebastian / Watzka, Sebastian
2010 Test of an inverted J-shape hypothesis between the expected real exchange rate and real output: The case of IrelandHsing, Yu
2003 Wirkungen der Investitionsförderung in OstdeutschlandRagnitz, Joachim
2005 Agglomeration, Spatial Interaction and Convergence in the EUBräuninger, Michael / Niebuhr, Annekatrin
2011 Utolérési kísérletek Magyarországon, 1870 - 2030Mihályi, Péter
2009 Do we really know that flexible exchange rates facilitate current account adjustment? Some new empirical evidence for CEE countriesHerrmann, Sabine
2006 Capital, labour and productivity: What role do they play in the potential GPD weakness of France, Germany and Italy?Bassanetti, Antonio / Döpke, Jörg / Torrini, Roberto / Zizza, Roberta
2012 The euro imbalances and financial deregulation: A post-Keynesian interpretation of the European debt crisisPérez-Caldentey, Esteban / Vernengo, Matías

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