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2014 Reforms, Incentives and Banking Sector Productivity: A Case of NepalLuintel, Kul B. / Selim, Sheikh / Bajracharya, Pushkar
2013 Industry-wide work rules and productivity: Evidence from Argentine union contract dataLamarche, Carlos
2011 Qualidade das instituições e PIB per capita nos municípios brasileirosPereira, Ana Elisa Gonçalves / Nakabashi, Luciano / Sachsida, Adolfo
2012 Problematizações acerca do conceito de um "novo" estado desenvolvimentistaFiani, Ronaldo
2013 Political support in hard times: Do people care about national welfare?Friedrichsen, Jana / Zahn, Philipp
2012 Does Trust Promote Growth?Horvath, Roman
2010 Modeling institutional evolutionNeyapti, Bilin
2012 Educational Content, Educational Institutions and Economic Development: Lessons from HistoryCantoni, Davide / Yuchtman, Noam
2011 Impacts of forced marriages in Cambodia under the Pol Pot regimeKogure, Katsuo
2013 The economics of inclusion: Building an argument for a shared societyValenti, Michael A. / Giovannoni, Olivier

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