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2010 Factores determinantes de la utilización de las spin-offs como mecanismo de transferencia de conocimiento en las universidadesBeraza Garmendia, J. M. / Rodríguez Castellanos, Arturo
2010 Incidencia de las políticas de recursos humanos en la transferencia de conocimiento y su efecto sobre la innovaciónGarcía-Pintos Escuder, A. / García Vázquez, J. M. / Piñeiro García, P.
2007 International cooperation on innovation: empirical evidence for German and Portuguese firmsFaria, Pedro / Schmidt, Tobias
2006 When does distributed innovation activity make sense? Location, decentralization, and innovation successLeiponen, Aija / Helfat, Constance E.
2011 Empirical analysis of internal social media and product innovation: Focusing on SNS and social capitalIdota, Hiroki / Minetaki, Kazunori / Bunno, Teruyuki / Tsuji, Masatsugu
2010 Open Innovation Success Factors by ICT Use in Japanese FirmsIdota, Hiroki / Bunno, Teruyuki / Tsuji, Masatsugu
2009 The design paradox: the contribution of in-house and external design activities on product market performanceCzarnitzki, Dirk / Thorwarth, Susanne
2012 What makes Chinese firms productive? Learning from indigenous and foreign sources of knowledgeBoeing, Philipp / Mueller, Elisabeth / Sandner, Philipp
2012 What are the channels for technology sourcing? Panel data evidence from German companiesHarhoff, Dietmar / Mueller, Elisabeth / Van Reenen, John
2004 I Like The Way You Move: An Empirical Investigation into the Mechanisms Behind First Mover and Follower StrategiesSofka, Wolfgang / Schmidt, Tobias

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