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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Empirical Analysis on Human Resource Management and ICT Use for Product Innovation among Firms in ASEAN EconomiesIdota, Hiroki; Ueki, Yasushi; Shigeno, Hidenori; Bunno, Teruyuki; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2016Russia's experience of foresight implementation in global value chain researchMeshkova, Tatiana A.; Moiseichev, Evgenii IA.
2016Protecting innovation through patents and trade secrets: Determinants and performance impacts for firms with a single innovationCrass, Dirk; Garcia Valero, Francisco; Pitton, Francesco; Rammer, Christian
2013Cumulative Innovation, Growth and Welfare-Improving Patent PolicyChor, Davin; Lai, Edwin L.-C.
2004What Determines Patents per Capita in OECD Countries?Falk, Martin
2008Deutlicher Zusammenhang zwischen Innovationsfähigkeit und Einstellungen zu Wissenschaft und Technik im internationalen VergleichBelitz, Heike; Kirn, Tanja
2010What Determines the Innovative Success of Subsidized Collaborative R&D Projects? – Project-Level Evidence from Germany –Schwartz, Michael; Peglow, Francois; Fritsch, Michael; Günther, Jutta
2010Cooperation with public research institutions and success in innovation: Evidence from France and GermanyRobin, Stéphane; Schubert, Torben
2008Technology and intellectual property: A taxonomy of contemporary markets for knowledge and their implications for developmentCimoli, Mario; Primi, Annalisa
2005On the long-run evolution of technological knowledgeHakenes, Hendrik; Irmen, Andreas