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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002The impacts of knowledge interaction with manufacturing clients on KIBS firms innovation behaviourWong, Poh-Kam; He, Zi-Lin
2010What determines the innovative success of subsidized collaborative R&D projects? - Project-level evidence from GermanyGünther, Jutta; Schwartz, Michael; Peglow, Francois; Fritsch, Michael
2007Modes, challenges and outcomes of nanotechnology transfer: A comparative analysis of university and company researchersPalmberg, Christopher
2007Transferring science-based technologies to industry: Does nanotechnology make a difference?Plamberg, Christopher; Pajarinen, Mika; Nikulainen, Tuomo
2012Uudistaminen ja yhteistyöverkostot Suomen teollisuudessa: Havaintoja yrityskyselystäNikulainen, Tuomo; Salmi, Julia
2011Making sense of the TTO production function: University technology transfer offices as process catalysts, knowledge converters and impact amplifiersTahvanainen, Antti-Jussi; Hermans, Raine
2006Rethinking the concept of long-run economic growthGroth, Christian; Koch, Karl-Josef; Steger, Thomas M.
2007Horizontale und vertikale Innovationen in einem semi-endogenen Wachstumsmodell mit KapitalakkumulationKornprobst, Wolfgang
2016Protecting innovation through patents and trade secrets: Determinants and performance impacts for firms with a single innovationCrass, Dirk; Garcia Valero, Francisco; Pitton, Francesco; Rammer, Christian
2009When economic growth is less than exponentialGroth, Christian; Koch, Karl-Josef; Steger, Thomas M.