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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Succeeding in Innovation: Key Insights on the Role of R&D and Technological Acquisition Drawn from Company DataConte, Andrea; Vivarelli, Marco
2014Knowledge base, exporting activities, innovation openness and innovation performance: A SEM approach towards a unifying frameworkArvanitis, Spyridon; Gkypali, Areti; Tsekouras, Kostas
2013Are ICT, workplace organization and human capital relevant for innovation? A comparative study based on Swiss and Greek micro dataArvanitis, Spyros; Loukis, Euripidis N.; Diamantopoulou, Vasiliki
2012Exploration or exploitation of knowledge from universities: Does it make a difference?Arvanitis, Spyridon; Wörter, Martin
2011External end users and firm innovation performanceArvanitis, Spyros; Fuchs, Barbara; Woerter, Martin
2013The relative importance of human resource management practices for a firm's innovation performanceArvanitis, Spyridon; Seliger, Florian; Stucki, Tobias
2006One or many knowledge production functions?: Mapping innovative activity using microdataConte, Andrea; Vivarelli, Marco
2009How do young innovative companies innovate?Pellegrino, Gabriele; Piva, Mariacristina; Vivarelli, Marco
2015Did the reduction of ICT investment due to the 2008 economic crisis affect the innovation performance of firms? An exploratory analysis based on firm data for the European glass, ceramics, and cement industryArvanitis, Spyros; Loukis, Euripidis N.
2012Entrepreneurial Commercialization Choices and the Interaction between IPR and Competition PolicyGans, Joshua S.; Persson, Lars