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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Prioritizing rural investments in Africa: A hybrid evaluation approach applied to UgandaPauw, Karl; Thurlow, James
2015Estado, atores predominantes e coalizões para o desenvolvimento: Brasil e Argentina em perspectiva comparadaGaitán, Flavio; Boschi, Renato Raul
2013Africa-Brazil co-operation in social protection: Drivers, lessons and shifts in the engagement of the Brazilian Ministry of Social DevelopmentCosta Leite, Iara; Suyama, Bianca; Pomeroy, Melissa
2010Análise de possíveis determinantes da penetração do serviço de acesso à Internet em banda larga nos municípios brasileirosMacedo, Hildebrando Rodrigues; de Carvalho, Alexandre Xavier Ywata
2014Intra-urban disparities in the quality of life in the city of Porto: a spatial analysis contributionSantos, Luis Delfim; Martins, Isabel
2011Parental health and child schoolingBratti, Massimiliano; Mendola, Mariapia
2006Marketable wealth in a poor African country: Using an index of consumer durables to investigate wealth accumulation by households in GhanaBurger, Ronelle; Booysen, Frikkie; Berg, Servaas van der; Maltitz, Michael von
2005Education, financial institutions, inflation and growthBecchetti, Leonardo; Hasan, Iftekhar; Mavrotas, George
2013Making aid work for education in developing countries: An analysis of aid effectiveness for primary education coverage and qualityBirchler, Kassandra; Michaelowa, Katharina
2013The World Bank's health projects in Timor-Leste: The political economy of effective aidRosser, Andrew; Bremner, Sharna