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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Role of International Trade in Employment Growth in Micro- and Small Enterprises: Evidence from Developing AsiaKrüger, Jens
2014Measured as poor versus feeling poor: Comparing objective and subjective poverty rates in South AfricaPosel, Dorrit; Rogan, Michael
2004Density, Social Networks and Job Search Methods: Theory and Application to EgyptWahba, Jackline; Zenou, Yves
2010Incidencia de las políticas de recursos humanos en la transferencia de conocimiento y su efecto sobre la innovaciónGarcía-Pintos Escuder, A.; García Vázquez, J. M.; Piñeiro García, P.
2015An analysis of the characteristics of firms and universities in shaping geographical distance of university-industry linkagesRenato, Garcia; Veneziano, Araujo; Suelene, Mascarini; Emerson, Santos; Ariana, Costa
2013Suppliers of multinationals and the forced linkage effect: Evidence from firm level dataGodart, Olivier N.; Görg, Holger
2014Rural welfare implications of large-scale land acquisitions in Africa: A theoretical frameworkKleemann, Linda; Thiele, Rainer
2015Gender and Constraints to Entrepreneurship in Africa: New Evidence from SwazilandBrixiova, Zuzana; Kangoye, Thierry
2015Information and Communication Technologies, Prenatal Care Services and Neonatal HealthBeuermann, Diether W.; Anta, Rafael; Garcia, Patricia; Maffioli, Alessandro; Perez Lu, Jose; Rodrigo, Maria Fernanda
2013Dynamics and Drivers of Consumption and Multidimensional Poverty: Evidence from Rural EthiopiaBrück, Tilman; Workneh Kebede, Sindu