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2014 Learning the Hard Way: The Effect of Violent Conflict on Student Academic AchievementBrück, Tilman / Di Maio, Michele / Miaari, Sami H.
2014 Do Cows Have Negative Returns? The Evidence RevisitedGehrke, Esther / Grimm, Michael
2014 Preferences and Exposure to Shocks: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in PalestineCavatorta, Elisa / Groom, Ben
2006 Mortality and Survivors' ConsumptionGrimm, Michael
2005 Growth and Poverty in Burkina Faso: A Reassessment of the ParadoxGrimm, Michael / Günther, Isabel
2010 Conflict and entrepreneurial activity in Afghanistan: Findings from the national risk vulnerability assessment dataCiarli, Tommaso / Parto, Saeed / Savona, Maria
2008 Petty corruption: A game-theoretic approachLambert-Mogiliansky, Ariane / Majumdar, Mukul / Radner, Roy
2011 Farmer Participation in Supermarket Channels, Production Technology, and Efficiency: The Case of Vegetables in KenyaRao, Elizaphan J. O. / Brümmer, Bernhard / Qaim, Matin
2012 Gender, Agricultural Commercialization, and Collective Action in KenyaFischer, Elisabeth / Qaim, Matin
2014 Förderung von Mikrounternehmen in Uganda: Geschäfte von Männern profitieren von Krediten kombiniert mit SchulungenFiala, Nathan / Janes, Laurin

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