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DateTitle Authors
2009 Infrastructure of the market economyBuhr, Walter
2007 Self-employment and unemployment in Spanish regions in the period 1979-2001Golpe, Antonio A. / van Stel, André J.
2013 50 is the new 30: Long-run trends of schooling and retirement explained by human agingStrulik, Holger / Werner, Katharina
2014 The great divergence: A network approachLindner, Ines / Strulik, Holger
2010 Unraveling the Shift to the Entrepreneurial EconomyAudretsch, D.B. / Thurik, A.R.
2009 Total Factor Productivity and the Role of EntrepreneurshipErken, Hugo / Donselaar, Piet / Thurik, Roy
2008 How to generalize Darwinism suitably to help understand both the evolution and the development of economiesPelikan, Pavel
2015 Economic Development, Novelty Consumption, and Body Weight: Evidence from the East German Transition to CapitalismDragone, Davide / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2006 Decentralizing aid with interested partiesEpstein, Gil S. / Gang, Ira N.
2006 The hope for hysteresis in foreign aidEpstein, Gil S. / Gang, Ira N.

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