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2011 The evolution of the racial gap in education and the legacy of slaveryBertocchi, Graziella / Dimico, Arcangelo
2013 Black and White Body Mass Index Values in Developing 19th Century NebraskaCarson, Scott A.
2014 Nineteenth Century Black and Mulatto Physical Activity, Calories, and Life ExpectancyCarson, Scott A.
2012 Nineteenth century US BMIs by race: Socioeconomics and biologyCarson, Scott A.
2012 Obesity in black and white: Accounting for 19th century US BMI differences by socioeconomic status and biologyCarson, Scott A.
2007 African-American and white inequality in the American South: evidence from the 19th Century Missouri state prisonCarson, Scott Alan
2007 Health during industrialization: evidence from the 19th century Pennsylvania state prison systemCarson, Scott Alan
2006 Living standards in black and white: evidence from the heights of Ohio prison inmates, 1829 - 1913Carson, Scott Alan / Maloney, Thomas N.
2012 Nineteenth century biological conditions on the high central plainsCarson, Scott A.
2006 African-American and white living standards in the 19th century American South : a biological comparisonCarson, Scott Alan

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