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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003Accounting for Financial Instruments in the Banking Industry: Conclusions from a Simulation ModelGebhardt, Günther; Reichardt, Rolf; Wittenbrink, Carsten
2010Limited liability, asymmetric taxation, and risk taking: Why partial tax neutralities can be harmfulEwert, Ralf; Niemann, Rainer
1993The Effects of Environmental Uncertainty, Computer Usage, and Management Accounting Systems on Small BusinessGul, Ferdinand A.; Glen, William; Huang, Alan Ruguang
2013La escasa relevancia de la información contable sobre los activos intangibles en la valoración de las empresas innovadoras españolas: El caso de los sectores farmacéutico y biotecnológicoRubio Martín, Gracia; Rodríguez Paredes, Mercedes; Maroto Acín, Juan Antonio
2014The IFRS as Tax Base: Potential Impact on a Small Open EconomyProcházka, David
2014Adjustments to Accounting Profit in Determination of the Income Tax Base: Evolution in the Czech RepublicMejzlík, Ladislav; Vítek, Leoš; Roe, Jana
13-Dec-2013Deferred Tax Positions under the prism of financial crisis and the effects of a corporate tax reformChytis, Evangelos; Koumanakos, Evangelos; Siriopoulos, Costas
2013Country of origin and brand loyalty on cosmetic products among Universiti Utara Malaysia studentsAzuizkulov, Doniyor
2014Management Incentives under Formula Apportionment - Tax-Induced Distortions of Effort and Compensation in a Principal-Agent Setting -Martini, Jan Thomas; Niemann, Rainer; Simons, Dirk
2014Transition from US GAAP to IFRS: Analysis of Impact on Income Tax Administration in USARoe, Jana