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2003 Sistemas de información en PYMES y acceso al crédito en contextos de asimetría de informaciónDapena, José Pablo / Dapena, Juan Lucas
2014 The three hurdles of tax planning: How business context, aims of tax planning, and tax manager power affect taxFeller, Anna / Schanz, Deborah
2004 Who do you trust while bubbles grow and blow? A comparative analysis of the explanatory power of accounting and patent information for the market values of German firmsReitzig, Markus / Ramb, Fred
2013 Forecasting Earnings Forecastsde Bruijn, Bert / Franses, Philip Hans
2005 Comparing the value revelance of R&D reporting in Germany: standard and selection effectsRamb, Fred / Reitzig, Markus
2012 What drives the Quotes of Earnings Forecasters?de Bruijn, Bert / Franses, Philip Hans
2011 A model of an integration system for operations and cost data designed to control logistics processes in agricultural enterprisesWajszczuk, Karol / Wawrzynowicz, Jacek / Śliwczyński, Bogusław
2010 Information disclosure, intertemporal risk sharing, and asset pricesDang, Tri Vi / Hakenes, Hendrik
2010 Are banks using hidden reserves to beat earnings benchmarks? Evidence from GermanyBornemann, Sven / Kick, Thomas / Memmel, Christoph / Pfingsten, Andreas
2014 Harmonisierung der Gewinnermittlung in der EU: Die Gewinnermittlungsregeln der Gemeinsamen Körperschaftsteuer-Bemessungsgrundlage (GKB) / Gemeinsamen Unternehmensteuer-Bemessungsgrundlage (GUB) im Vergleich mit der Gewinnermittlung durch einen Betriebsvermögensvergleich nach § 5 Abs. 1 EStG (Steuerbilanz)Scheffler, Wolfram / Köstler, Melanie

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