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DateTitle Authors
2009 Personality and career: she's got what it takesFietze, Simon / Holst, Elke / Tobsch, Verena
2002 Leistungssteuerung und Karriereanreize für professionals: Ein Vergleich deutscher und amerikanischer BerufsrichterSchneider, Martin
2012 20 Jahre Rückanpassungsforschung: Eine MetaanalyseSchudey, Alexander Paul / Jensen, Ove / Sachs, Steffen
2002 Judicial lawmaking in a civil law system: Evidence from German labor courts of appealSchneider, Martin
2012 Assembling a big mosaic: A review of recent books on electronic Human Resource Management (e-HRM)Strohmeier, Stefan
2005 Conditions for an efficient innovation process: The complementarity between new HRM practices and suggestion schemesPaunescu, Mihai
2012 A sustainability perspective on flexible HRM: How to cope with paradoxes of contingent workKozica, Arjan M. F. / Kaiser, Stephan
2012 The relevance of corporate social responsibility for a sustainable human resource management: An analysis of organizational attractiveness as a determinant in employees' selection of a (potential) employerLis, Bettina
2011 Maintaining efficiency while integrating entrants from lower-performing environments: An experimental studySalmon, Timothy C. / Weber, Roberto A.
2010 Job assignment with multivariate skillsBrilon, Stefanie

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