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2005 Structural separation and access in telecommunications marketsde Bijl, Paul W. J.
2009 Regulation and investment in network industries: Evidence from European telecomsGrajek, Michał / Röller, Lars-Hendrik
2013 On the weal and woe of internet traffic management in Europe: A critical appraisal from a network economic perspectiveStocker, Volker
2013 Does one more or one less mobile opertor affect prices? A comprehensive ex-post evaluation of entries and mergers in European mobile telecommunication marketsCsorba, Gergely / Pápai, Zoltán
2011 La prestación del servicio postal universal en un contexto de precio uniforme y descremado del mercado: ¿Existe riesgo de graveyard spiral?Pateiro Rodríguez, Carlos / Prado Domínguez, Javier / García Iglesias, Jesús M.
2010 Broadband Infrastructure and Economic GrowthCzernich, Nina / Falck, Oliver / Kretschmer, Tobias / Woessmann, Ludger
2013 Regulatory fallacies in global telecommunications: The case of international mobile roamingKnieps, Günter / Zenhäusern, Patrick
2013 Spectrum licensing, policy instruments and market entryMadden, Gary / Bohlin, Erik / Tran, Thien / Morey, Aaron
2002 Investment policies and telecommunications regimesDrabek, Zdenek
2002 Deregulating and liberalizing the North-American telecommunications market : explaining the US-approachCowhey, Peter F. / Richards, John E.

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