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2013 Auction design for a strategic reserve market for generation adequacy: On the incentives under different auction scoring rulesBrunekreeft, Gert / Meyer, Roland / Rammerstorfer, Margarethe
2014 Network unbundling and flawed coordination: Lessons from electricity and railwaysBrunekreeft, Gert
2014 Unbundling of electricity transmission system operators in Germany: An experience reportBrunekreeft, Gert / Goto, Mika / Meyer, Roland / Maruyama, Masahiro / Hattori, Toru
2005 Associations' agreement and the interest of the network suppliers: the strategic use of structural featuresWein, Thomas
2009 Valuing fuel diversification in optimal investment policies for electricity generation portfoliosSunderkoetter, Malte / Weber, Christoph
2007 The difficulty to behave as a (regulated) natural monopolist: the dynamics of electricity network access charges in Germany 2002 to 2005Wein, Thomas / Wetzel, Heike
2014 Cross-border effects of capacity mechanisms: Do uncoordinated market design policies countervail the goals of European market integration?Meyer, Roland / Gore, Olga
2014 Information governance in smart grids: A Common Information Platform (CIP)Brandstätt, Christine / Brunekreeft, Gert / Buchmann, Marius / Friedrichsen, Nele
2010 Appropriate Contract Durations in the German Markets for On-line Reserve CapacityJust, Sebastian
2011 Mean-Variance optimization of power generation portfolios under uncertainty in the merit orderSunderkötter, Malte / Weber, Christoph

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