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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005National institutions and high tech industries: A varieties of capitalism perspective on the failure of Germany's Neuer MarktVitols, Sigurt; Engelhardt, Lutz
2004Entrepreneurial business models in the German software industry: Companies, venture capital, and stock market based growth strategies on the Neuer MarktEngelhardt, Lutz
2005Geschäftsmodelle und nationale Institutionen: Ein Vergleich britischer und deutscher Neuemissionen aus der IT-Service- und Softwareindustrie 1996-2002Engelhardt, Lutz
2007Der Entry Standard der Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse als Nachfolger des Neuen Marktes: Zwei Versuche institutioneller Innovation in DeutschlandEngelhardt, Lutz
2008Developing and harnessing software technology in the South: The roles of China, India, Brazil and South AfricaOjo, Adegboyega; Janowski, Tomasz; Basanya, Rilwan; Reed, Mike
2011Introducing managerial attention allocation in incentive contractsGil, Ricard; Mondria, Jordi
2006Dragging developers towards the core: How the free/libre/open source software community enhances developers' contributionRullani, Francesco
2013Are classroom internet use and academic performance higher after government broadband subsidies to primary schools?Hyland, Marie; Layte, Richard; Lyons, Sean; McCoy, Selina; Silles, Mary
2007Ubiquitous Social Networks: Opportunities and Challenges for Privacy-Aware User ModellingPreibusch, Sören; Hoser, Bettina; Gürses, Seda; Berendt, Bettina
1999The internet's economic challengesGröhn, Andreas