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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Milk and milk processing industry in Lithuania: an analysis of horizontal and vertical integrationKedaitiene, Angele; Hockmann, Heinrich
2003Buyer Power and Product Innovation: Empirical Evidence from the German Food Sector.Weiss, Christoph R.; Wittkopp, Antje
2010Relación entre la confianza y el compromiso generados en un acuerdo cooperativo y los motivos para su formaciónSánchez de Pablo, J. D.; Jiménez Estévez, P.
1999Estimating Tax Incidence, Market Power and Market Conduct: The European Cigarette IndustryDelipalla, Sophia; O'Donnell, Owen
2013Industry, firm, year and country effects on profitability in EU food processingSchiefer, Jan; Hirsch, Stefan; Hartmann, Monika; Gschwandtner, Adelina
1998The Comparison Between Ad Valorem and Specific Taxation under Imperfect Competition: Evidence from the European Cigarette IndustryDelipalla, Sophia; O'Donnell, Owen
2009Una metodología unificada para el cálculo de elasticidades críticas, la definición de mercados y la simulación de fusiones horizontalesColoma, Germán
2010Challenges of Exporting Differentiated Products to Developed Countries: The Case of SME-Dominated Sectors in a Semi-Industrialized CountryArtopoulos, Alejandro; Friel, Daniel; Hallak, Juan Carlos
2010Industrial Policies in ColombiaMelendez, Marcela; Perry, Guillermo
2009The estimation of complete almost ideal demand system from Czech housold budget survey dataJanda, Karel; Mikolášek, Jakub; Netuka, Martin