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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Enfoques de programación matemática fuzzy multiobjetivo para la planicación operativa del transporte en una cadena de suministro del sector del automóvilDíaz-Madroñero, Manuel; Peidro, David; Mula, Josefa; Ferriols, Francisco J.
2015Industrial and geographical mobility of workers exiting the Swedish and West German shipbuilding industry 1970-2000Otto, Anne; Eriksson, Rikard; Henning, Martin
2010When Drains and Gains Coincide: Migration and International Football PerformanceBerlinschi, Ruxanda; Schokkaert, Jeroen; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2007A complementarity model for the European natural gas marketEgging, Ruud; Gabriel, Steven A.; Holz, Franziska; Zhuang, Jifang
2009Migrant Entrepreneurship and New Urban Economic OpportunitiesNijkamp, Peter; Sahin, Mediha; Baycan-Levent, Tüzin
2009The Urban Growth Potential of Second-Generation Migrant Entrepreneurs - A Sectoral Study on AmsterdamBaycan-Levent, Tüzin; Nijkamp, Peter; Sahin, Mediha
2006Cazabobos o salvavidas? La economía política de los fotorradares en ChileParedes, Ricardo D.; Rizzi, Luis I.; Valenzuela, Javier
2011Tacit collusion under imperfect monitoring in the Canadian manufacturing industry: An empirical studyResende, Marcelo; Zeidan, Rodrigo M.
1980The West European Steel Industry – Structure and Competitiveness in Historical PerspectiveCarlsson, Bo
2011Building new plants or entering by acquisition? Estimation of an entry model for the U.S. cement industryPerez-Saiz, Hector