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DateTitle Authors
2010 Public-Private Partnerships in Europe - before and during the recent financial crisisKappeler, Andreas / Nemoz, Mathieu
2005 Transaction costs in public-private partnerships: a first look at the evidenceDudkin, Gerti / Välilä, Timo
2007 Public-private partnerships in Europe: an updateBlanc-Brude, Frédéric / Goldsmith, Hugh / Välilä, Timo
2006 Ex ante construction costs in the European road sector: a comparison of public-private partnerships and traditional public procurementBlanc-Brude, Frédéric / Goldsmith, Hugh / Välilä, Timo
2010 School competition and students' entrepreneurial intention: International evidence using historical Catholic roots of private schoolingFalck, Oliver / Woessmann, Ludger
2009 Nationalizations and effciencyCrivelli, Ernesto / Staal, Klaas
2010 Contracting out, an Empirical Study on MotivesWassenaar, Mattheus / Groot, Tom / Gradus, Raymond
2010 A fair price for energy? Ownership versus market opening in the EU15Fiorio, Carlo V. / Florio, Massimo
2006 Public versus private health care in a national health serviceBrekke, Kurt R. / Sørgard, Lars
2010 Informal benchmarks as a source of regulatory threat in unregulated utility sectorsSöderberg, Magnus

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