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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Policy commitment, legal and regulatory framework, and institutional support for PPP in international comparison: Indexing countries' readiness for taking up PPPVerhoest, Koen; Petersen, Ole Helby; Scherrer, Walter; Murwantara Soecipto, Raden
2015Survival and breakthrough: A case study of evolutionary change in a state-owned enterpriseLiu, Yun-shi; Huang, Chen-kung; Fang, Ching-han; Tsai, Wei-ya; Chen, June-kune
2005Privatization Incentives: A Wage Bargaining ApproachKuhlmann, Andreas
2014Complexity, Efficiency, and Fairness of Multi-Product Monopoly PricingMiravete, Eugenio J.; Seim, Katja; Thurk, Jeff
2013Legal forms of modern destination management organization and their influence on the range tasks and responsibilitiesBorzyszkowski , Jacek
2016A (re)municipalization trend among energy utilities: Truth or myth?Cullmann, Astrid; Nieswand, Maria; Seifert, Stefan; Stiel, Caroline
2016Trend zur (Re-)Kommunalisierung in der Energieversorgung: Ein Mythos?Cullmann, Astrid; Nieswand, Maria; Seifert, Stefan; Stiel, Caroline
2015Internal funding in the dairy industry companies in the Podlaskie province in 2010-2012Łuczaj, Jolanta
2014Spatial Competition and Flexible Manufacturing with Spatially Discriminatory PricingLiang, Wen-Jung; Wang, Kuang-Cheng; Din, Hong-Ren
2015Die Erwartungen der Wirtschaft für 2015Knipper, Michael; Wissmann, Matthias; Tillmann, Utz; Mittelbach, Klaus; Wiechers, Ralph; Schlotböller, Dirk; Regele, Ulrike; Erdland, Alexander