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2011 Desafios e oportunidades para uma indústria espacial emergente: O caso do BrasilSchmidt, Flávia de Holanda
2012 Wipeout: Sangley mercantile dominance and persistence in the Spanish colonial period in the PhilippinesFabella, Raul V.
2013 Entorno competitivo, endeudamiento y especificidad de los activos: Evidencia en el caso de las empresas españolasSanchez Valadez, Manuel
2005 The missing link: the knowledge filter and entrepreneurship in endogenous growthÁcs, Zoltán J. / Audretsch, David B. / Braunerhjelm, Pontus / Carlsson, Bo
2005 Reallocation, firm turnover, and efficiency: selection on productivity or profitability?Foster, Lucia / Haltiwanger, John / Syverson, Chad
2014 Necessity Entrepreneurship and Competitive StrategyBlock, Jörn Hendrich / Kohn, Karsten / Miller, Danny / Ullrich, Katrin
2002 What determines public education expenditures in a transition economy?Verbina, Inna / Chowdhury, Abdur
1993 Distinction between Intermediate and Finished Products in Intra-Firm TradeAndersson, Thomas / Fredriksson, Torbjörn / Leung, Zabrina
1993 International Organization of Production and Variation in Exports from AffiliatesAndersson, Thomas / Fredriksson, Torbjörn
1985 Chaos in the Middle Zone: Nonperiodic Fluctuation in the Dynamic van Thunen ModelHansson, Kenneth A.

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