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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Financial regulation in the EU: Cross-border capital flows, systemic risk and the European Banking Union as reference points for EU financial market integrationHaar, Brigitte
2015Banking Union and the governance of credit institutions: A legal perspectiveBinder, Jens-Hinrich
2016Diszkriminatív, piac- és versenyellenes állami gazdaságpolitika Magyarországon, 2010-2015Péter, Mihályi
2012Cartel Duration and Endogenous Private Monitoring and Communication: An Instrumental Variables ApproachZhou, Jun
2011La prestación del servicio postal universal en un contexto de precio uniforme y descremado del mercado: ¿Existe riesgo de graveyard spiral?Pateiro Rodríguez, Carlos; Prado Domínguez, Javier; García Iglesias, Jesús M.
2012Delays in Leniency Application: Is There Really a Race to the Enforcer's Door?Gärtner, Dennis L.; Zhou, Jun
2009Why the legal system is not necessarily less efficient than the income tax in redistributing incomeUsher, Dan
2013Actions Speak Louder than Words: Econometric Evidence to Target Tacit Collusion in Oligopolistic MarketsAndreoli-Versbach, Patrick; Franck, Jens-Uwe
2013Endogenous Price Commitment, Sticky and Leadership Pricing: Evidence from the Italian Petrol MarketAndreoli-Versbach, Patrick; Franck, Jens-Uwe
2006Progressivity and Flexibility in Developing an Effective Competition Regime: Using Experiences of Poland, Ukraine, and South Africa for developing countriesKronthaler, Franz; Stephan, Johannes