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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Fehlende Daten beim Record Linkage von Prozess- und Befragungsdaten: Ein empirischer Vergleich ausgewählter Missing Data TechnikenKrug, Gerhard
2009Efficiency wages and negotiated profit-sharing under uncertaintyGöcke, Matthias
2007Assessing the bias due to non-coverage of residential movers in the German microcensus panel: an evaluation using data from the socio-economic panelRendtel, Ulrich; Basic, Edin
2013A Study of Outcome Reporting Bias Using Gender Differences in Risk AttitudesCrosetto, Paolo; Filippin, Antonio; Heider, Janna
2011Sustaining the work ability and work motivation of lowereducated older workers: Directions for work redesignSanders, Jos; Dorenbosch, Luc Willibrord; Gründemann, Rob; Blonk, Roland
2010Do legal immigrants and natives compete in the labour market? Evidence from CataloniaDiaz-Serrano, Luis
2009The timing of work and work-family conflicts in Spain: who has a split work schedule and why?Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; de la Rica, Sara
2011Are self-employed really happier than employees? An approach modelling adaptation and anticipation effects to self-employment and general job changesHanglberger, Dominik; Merz, Joachim
2010Work, risk and health: Differences between immigrants and natives in SpainSolé, Meritxell; Diaz-Serrano, Luis; Rodriguez Martinez, Marisol
2005High performance workplaces and family friendly practices: promises made and promises keptHeywood, John S.; Siebert, William Stanley; Wei, Xiangdong