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2007 Islamistic terror, the war on Iraq and the job prospects of Arab men in Britain: does a country's direct involvement matter?Braakmann, Nils
2008 The smoking wage penality in the United Kingdom: regression and matching evidence from the British household survey panelBraakmann, Nils
2004 Competition between employed and unemployed job applicants: Swedish evidenceEriksson, Stefan / Lagerström, Jonas
2007 Do anonymous job application procedures level the playing field?Åslund, Olof / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2007 Detecting discrimination in the hiring process: Evidence from an internet-based search channelEriksson, Stefan / Lagerström, Jonas
2008 The labor market consequences of gender differences in job searchEriksson, Stefan / Lagerström, Jonas
2012 Tall or taller, pretty or prettier: Is discrimination absolute or relative?Hamermesh, Daniel S.
2011 The gender pay gap in Austria: Tamensi movetur!Böheim, René / Himpele, Klemens / Mahringer, Helmut / Zulehner, Christine
2011 The distribution of the gender pay gap in Austria: Evidence from matched employer-employee data and tax-recordsBoeheim, Rene / Himpele, Klemens / Mahringer, Helmut / Zulehner, Christine
2012 What explains the gender earnings gap in self-employment? A decomposition analysis with German dataLechmann, Daniel S. J. / Schnabel, Claus

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