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DateTitle Authors
2015 The Effects of Binding and Non-Binding Job Search RequirementsArni, Patrick / Schiprowski, Amelie
2010 The effects of unemployment insurance on labor supply and search outcomes: Regression discontinuity estimates from GermanySchmieder, Johannes F. / von Wachter, Till / Bender, Stefan
2005 Do Benefit Hikes Damage Job Finding? Evidence from Swedish Unemployment Insurance ReformsBennmarker, Helge / Carling, Kenneth / Holmlund, Bertil
2010 The long-term impact of job displacement in Germany during the 1982 recession on earnings, income, and employmentSchmieder, Johannes F. / von Wachter, Till / Bender, Stefan
2012 Long-term participation tax ratesBartels, Charlotte
2012 Selective hiring and welfare analysis in labor market modelsMerkl, Christian / van Rens, Thijs
2006 Was spricht eigentlich gegen eine private Arbeitslosenversicherung?Lutz, Roman
2002 Brauchen wir einen allgemeinen Kündigungsschutz?Jahn, Elke J.
2014 Use of supplemental nutritional assistance program benefits by unemployment insurance applicants in Michigan during the Great RecessionO'Leary, Christopher J. / Kline, Kenneth J.
2008 Scars of recession: the long-term costs of the Finnish economic crisisVerho, Jouko

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