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DateTitle Authors
2011 Intergenerational Transmission of Education and Mediating Channels: Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Reforms in GermanyPiopiunik, Marc
2013 Individual Wage Growth: The Role of Industry ExperienceBattisti, Michele
2005 Educational Opportunities and the Role of InstitutionsAmmermüller, Andreas
2009 Mudanças organizacionais nas empresas brasileiras: Uma análise a partir das estruturas ocupacionaisCorseuil, Carlos Henrique L.
2014 The relative contribution of genetic and environmental factors to cancer risk and cancer mortality in NorwayLeuven, Edwin / Plug, Erik / Rønning, Marte
2007 The impact of Mexican immigrants on US wage structureToussaint-Comeau, Maude
2005 The impact pf parental income and education on the schooling of their childrenChevalier, Arnaud / Harmon, Colm / O'Sullivan, Vincent / Walker, Ian
2004 Parental education and child's education: A natural experimentChevalier, Arnaud
2010 Empirical strategies to eliminate life-cycle bias in the intergenerational elasticity of earnings literatureStuhler, Jan Leonard
2009 Does increasing parents' schooling raise the schooling of the next generation? Evidence based on conditional second momentsFarré, Lídia / Klein, Roger / Vella, Francis

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