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DateTitle Authors
2011 Costos laborales, economia informal y reformas a la legistacion laboral en BoliviaRomán, Soraya
2007 The economic effects of employment protection: Evidence from international industry-level dataMicco, Alejandro / Pagés, Carmen
2007 Los determinantes de la elección de AFP en Chile: Nueva evidencia a partir de datos individualesBerstein Jáuregui, Solange / Cabrita Felix, Carolina
2013 The impact on earnings when entering self-employment: Evidence for GermanyMartin, Johannes
2013 Job characteristics and labour supplyKunze, Lars / Suppa, Nicolai
2006 Labour market institutions and the effectiveness of tax and benefit policies in enhancing employment: A general equilibrium analysisAlho, Kari E.O.
2002 Rent sharing as part of incentive payments and recruitmentPiekkola, Hannu / Kauhanen, Antti
2002 Profit sharing in Finland: Earnings and productivity effectsKauhanen, Antti / Piekkola, Hannu
2011 Who pays for occupational pensions?Lotherington Vestad, Ola
2007 The Benefits of Being Economics Professor A (and not Z)van Praag, C. Mirjam / van Praag, Bernard M.S.

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