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DateTitle Authors
2004 How Risky is Investment in Human Capital?Hartog, Joop / van Ophem, Hans / Bajdechi, Simona Maria
2002 Factor income shares and micro-level restructuring: An analysis of Finnish manufacturingMaliranta, Mika
2009 Stochern im Nebel: der Ungleichheit auf der SpurBerthold, Norbert / Zenzen, Jupp
2010 Great Expectations: Past Wages and Unemployment DurationsBöheim, René / Horvath, Gerard Thomas / Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2004 Education, Gender and Earnings in France and Germany: Level and Dispersion EffectsLauer, Charlotte
1999 School Quality and the Distribution of Male Earnings in CanadaBedard, Kelly
2001 The Racial Wage Gap: The Importance of Labor Force Attachment Differences Across Black, Mexican and White MenAntecol, Heather / Bedard, Kelly
2014 Social Relations, Incentives, and Gender in the WorkplaceOnemu, Okemena
2006 Turbulent firms, turbulent wages?Comin, Diego / Groshen, Erica L. / Rabin, Bess
1999 Export Market Performance of OECD countries: an empirical examination of the role of cost competitivenessCarlin, Wendy / Glyn, Andrew / Reenen, John Van

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