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2009 How large is the compensating wage differential for R&D workers?Dupuy, Arnaud / Smits, Wendy
2011 Does it matter who responded to the survey? Trends in the US gender earnings gap revisitedLee, Jungmin / Lee, Sokbae
2012 Promotion signals, age and educationBognanno, Michael L. / Melero, Eduardo
1998 Does Germany have the ‘world’s highest wage costs’?Lindlar, Ludger / Scheremet, Wolfgang
2002 Establishment age and wages: evidence from German linked employer-employee dataKölling, Arnd / Schnabel, Claus / Wagner, Joachim
2004 How risky is investment in human capital?Hartog, Joop / van Ophem, Hans / Bajdechi, Simona Maria
2005 On-the-job search and sortingGautier, Pieter A. / Teulings, Coen N. / van Vuuren, Aico
2004 On the Specification of Mincerian Wage Regressions with Heterogeneity, Non-Linearity, Non-Separability, and HeteroskedasticityBelzil, Christian
2004 The Gender Earnings Gap in BritainMumford, Karen / Smith, Peter N.
Mar-2003 Hält der Generationenvertrag bis zum Jahre 2050? - Eine Analyse der Beitragsäquivalenz in der gRVScholtz, Hellmut D.

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