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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Private wealth and planned early retirement: A panel data analysis for the Netherlands, 1994 - 2009van Ooijen, Raun; Mastrogiacomo, Mauro; Euwals, Rob
2014Behind the GATE Experiment: Evidence on Effects of and Rationales for Subsidized Entrepreneurship TrainingFairlie, Robert W.; Karlan, Dean; Zinman, Jonathan
2011The decline of early retirement pathways in the Netherlands: An empirical analysis for the health care sectorEuwals, Rob; van Vuren, Annemiek; van Vuuren, Daniel
2005The economics of workaholism: we should not have worked on this paperHamermesh, Daniel S.; Slemrod, Joel
2014Looking back in anger? Retirement and unemployment scarringHetschko, Clemens; Knabe, Andreas; Schöb, Ronnie
2014Mandatory Participation in Occupational Pension Schemes in the Netherlands and other CountriesChen, Damiaan H.J.; Beetsma, Roel
2006Tax-Favored Retirement Accounts: Are they Efficient in Increasing Savings and Growth?Fehr, Hans; Habermann, Christian; Kindermann, Fabian
2010Why have lending programs targeting disadvantaged small-business borrowers achieved so little succes in the United States?Bates, Timothy; Lofstrom, Magnus; Servon, Lisa
2011It's the opportunity cost, stupid!: How self-employment responds to financial incentives of return, risk and skewBerkhout, Peter; Hartog, Joop; van Praag, Mirjam
2011Adverse selection and incentives in an early retirement programWhelan, Kenneth T.; Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Hallock, Kevin F.; Seeber, Ronald L.