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2011 The impact of interest in school on educational success in PortugalGoulart, Pedro / Bedi, Arjun S.
2009 Sick of your colleagues' absence?Hesselius, Patrik / Johansson, Per / Nilsson, Peter
2008 Risk aversion and sorting into public sector employmentPfeifer, Christian
2008 Occupational selection in multilingual labor marketsQuella, Núria / Rendón, Sílvio
2008 Individual incentives in program participation: splitting up the process in assignment and enrollmentWeber, Andrea Maria
2008 Allocation of labour in urban West Africa: implication for development policiesDimova, Ralitza / Nordman, Christophe J. / Roubaud, François
2008 The effect of high school employment on educational attainment: a conditional difference-in-differences approachBuscha, Franz / Maurel, Arnaud / Page, Lionel / Speckesser, Stefan
2008 Nepotism, incentives and the academic success of college studentsGevrek, Deniz / Gevrek, Zahide Eylem
2008 Occupational mobility and the business cycleMoscarini, Giuseppe / Vella, Francis
2008 The stairways to heaven: a model of career choice in sports and games, with an application to chessAriga, Kenn / Brunello, Giorgio / Iwahashi, Roki / Rocco, Lorenzo

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