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2005 Der Noth gehorchend, nicht dem eignen Trieb”: nascent necessity and opportunity entrepreneurs in Germany: evidence from the Regional Entrepreneurship Monitor (REM)Wagner, Joachim
2004 Nascent EntrepreneursWagner, Joachim
2004 Families, Human Capital, and Small Business : Evidence from the Characteristics of Business Owners SurveyFairlie, Robert W. / Robb, Alicia M.
2004 Nascent Entrepreneurs in German Regions : Evidence from the Regional Entrepreneurship Monitor (REM)Lückgen, Ingo / Oberschachtsiek, Dirk / Sternberg, Rolf / Wagner, Joachim
2008 If you are so smart, why aren't you an entrepreneur? Returns to cognitive and social ability ; entrepreneurs versus employeesHartog, Joop / van Praag, C. Mirjam / van der Sluis, Justin
2008 The effect of minimum wages on immigrants' employment and earningsOrrenius, Pia M. / Zavodny, Madeline
2008 Wage policies of a Russian firm and the financial crisis of 1998: evidence from personnel data ; 1997 to 2002Dohmen, Thomas J. / Lehmann, Hartmut / Schaffer, Mark E.
2008 Flexibility at the margin and labor market volatility in OECD countriesSala, Héctor / Silva, José Ignacio / Toledo, Manuel E.
2001 Social Capital and the Uncertainty Reduction of Self-EmploymentBlumberg, Boris F. / Pfann, Gerard A.
2005 Nascent and Infant Entrepreneurs in Germany: Evidence from the Regional Entrepreneurship Monitor (REM)Wagner, Joachim

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