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2009 How much are we willing to pay to send poor adolescents to school? Simulating changes to Mexico's Oportunidades in urban areasAzevedo, Viviane / Bouillon, César P. / Yáñez-Pagans, Patricia
2006 Cues for coordination: light, longitude and LettermanHamermesh, Daniel S. / Myers, Caitlin Knowles / Pocock, Mark L.
2006 Time to eat: household production under increasing income inequalityHamermesh, Daniel S.
2009 Effective working hours and wages: the case of downward adjustment via paid absenteeismPfeifer, Christian
2006 Equilibrium allele distribution in trading populationsSaint-Paul, Gilles
2009 Education and Labor Market Activity of Women: An Age-Group Specific Empirical AnalysisMünch, Claudia / van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2007 The ambiguous effect of minimum wages on workers and total hoursStrobl, Eric / Walsh, Frank A.
2006 Is mothers' time with their children home production or leisure?Kimmel, Jean / Connelly, Rachel
2004 Women's Hours of Market Work in Germany : The Role of Parental LeaveMerz, Monika
2006 The long-term effects of a generous income support program: unemployment insurance in New Brunswick and Maine, 1940 - 1991Kuhn, Peter / Riddell, Chris

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