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1989 Modelling Labor Supply in a Dynamic EconomyKlevmarken, Anders
1999 It's been a hard day's night: The concentration and intensification of work in late 20th century BritainGreen, Francis
2000 Why has Work Effort become more intense? Conjectures and Evidence about Effort-Biased Technical Change and other storiesGreen, Francis
2010 A részmunkaidős foglalkoztatás tendenciái és terjedésének tényezői az Európai Unióban és magyarországonSeres, Antal
2003 Economic inequality and household production: The effects of spezalization of gendersHeikkilä, Anni / Piekkola, Hannu
2014 Job insecurity, employability, and health: An analysis for Germany across generationsOtterbach, Steffen / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2015 Coming to work while sick: An economic theory of presenteeism with an application to German dataHirsch, Boris / Lechmann, Daniel S. J. / Schnabel, Claus
2009 Patterns of retirement as reflected in income tax records for older workersDenton, Frank T. / Finnie, Ross / Spencer, Byron G.
2013 Bequests and labor supply in GermanyPeters, Heiko / Schwarz, Peter
2004 The impact of children on female earnings in BritainViitanen, Tarja K.

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