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2008 How working time reduction affects employment and earningsRaposo, Pedro S. / van Ours, Jan C.
2008 Early child development and maternal labor force participation: using handedness as an instrumentFrijters, Paul / Johnston, David W. / Shah, Manisha / Shields, Michael A.
2006 On the identification of Frisch labor suppliesDonni, Olivier
2008 The ambiguous effect of minimum wages on workers and total hoursStrobl, Eric / Walsh, Frank A.
2012 Consumption inequality and family labor supplyBlundell, Richard / Pistaferri, Luigi / Saporta-Eksten, Itay
2012 Labour supply as a buffer: Evidence from UK householdsBenito, Andrew / Saleheen, Jumana
2013 Assessing the Welfare Effects of Unemployment Benefits Using the Regression Kink DesignLandais, Camille
2013 Worktime regulations and spousal labor supplyGoux, Dominique / Maurin, Eric / Petrongolo, Barbara
1989 Modelling Labor Supply in a Dynamic EconomyKlevmarken, Anders
1999 It's been a hard day's night: The concentration and intensification of work in late 20th century BritainGreen, Francis

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