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2007 Fertility differences between married and cohabiting couples: a switching regression analysisZhang, Junfu / Song, Xue
2008 Interethnic marriage: a choice between ethnic and educational similaritiesFurtado, Delia / Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2007 Is there a 'marriage premium' for gay men?Zavodny, Madeline
2011 Women's age at first marriage and marital instability: Evidence from the 2006-2008 national survey of family growthLehrer, Evelyn L. / Chen, Yu
2012 The dynamics of marriage and divorceBruze, Gustaf / Svarer, Michael / Weiss, Yoram
2012 Delayed entry into first marriage: Further evidence on the Becker-Landes-Michael hypothesisLehrer, Evelyn L. / Chen, Yu
2013 Political socialization in flux? Linking family non-intactness during childhood to adult civic engagementHener, Timo / Rainer, Helmut / Siedler, Thomas
2014 How Did the Housing and Labor Market Crises Affect Young Adults' Living Arrangements?Rogers, William H. / Winkler, Anne E.
2014 Gewaltsame Konflikte erhöhen das Risiko häuslicher Gewalt in KolumbienRiekmann, Johannes
2010 The effect of education on marital status and partner characteristics: Evidence from the UKAnderberg, Dan / Zhu, Yu

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