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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003Risk Sharing in Labour MarketsBigsten, Arne; Collier, Paul; Dercon, Stefan; Fafchamps, Marcel; Gunning, Jan Willem; Oduro, Abena; Oostendorp, Remco; Pattillo, Cathy; Söderbom, Mans; Teal, Francis; Zeufack, Albert
2011The timing of daily demand for goods and services: Microsimulation policy results of an aging society, increasing labour market flexibility and extended public childcare in GermanyMerz, Joachim; Hanglberger, Dominik; Rucha, Rafael
2008Elimination of gender-related employment disparities through statistical process controlGraham, Mary E.; Hotchkiss, Julie L.
2014Technological Progress and Economic Geography_x0003_Thisse, Jacques; Tabuchi, Takatoshi; Zhu, Xiwei
2008Do the age profiles of health care expenditure really steepen over time? New evidence from Swiss cantonsFelder, Stefan; Werblow, Andreas
2014Parental unemployment and child healthMörk, Eva; Sjögren, Anna; Svaleryd, Helena
2011Taking Public Opinion Seriously: A General Equilibrium Model of Low-Wage Competition, Offshoring, and UnemploymentArnold, Lutz G.; Trepl, Stefanie
2006Interne Arbeitsmärkte und Einsatz temporärer Arbeitsverhältnisse : Eine Fallstudie mit Daten eines deutschen DienstleistungsunternehmensOberst, Mathias; Schank, Thorsten; Schnabel, Claus
2015Prepregnancy Obesity and Birth OutcomesAverett, Susan L.; Fletcher, Erin K.
2015Gender identity and womens' supply of labor and non-market work: Panel data evidence for GermanyWieber, Anna; Holst, Elke