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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011The importance of independent income: Understanding the role of non-means-tested earnings replacement benefitsBennett, Fran; Sutherland, Holly
2002The impact of means tested assistance in Southern EuropeO'Donoghue, Cathal; Albuquerque, J.; Baldini, Massimo; Bargain, Olivier; Bosi, P.; Levy, Horacio; Mantovani, D.; Matsaganis, Manos; Mercader-Prats, M.; Farinha, C.; Rodrigues, Farinha; Toso, S.; Terraz, I.; Tsakloglou, P.
2011Firms' moral hazard in sickness absencesBöheim, René; Leoni, Thomas
2003From Welfare to Work: Evaluating a Proposed Tax and Benefit Reform Targeted at Single Mothers in SwedenFlood, Lennart; Pylkkänen, Elina; Wahlberg, Roger
2011Uma metodologia para decompor diferenças entre dados administrativos e pesquisas amostrais, com aplicação para o programa bolsa família e o benfício de prestação continuada na PNADSouza, Pedro H. G. Ferreira de
2014Initial impacts of the Ticket to Work program: Estimates based on exogenous variation in Ticket mail monthsStapleton, David; Mamun, Arif; Page, Jeremy
2011Uma metodologia para simular o Programa Bolsa Famíliade Souza, Pedro H. G. F.; Osorio, Rafael G.; Soares, Sergei S. D.
2013Did the 2007 welfare reforms for low income parents in Australia increase welfare exits?Fok, Yin King; McVicar, Duncan
2012The impact of a time-limited, targeted in-work benefit in the medium-term: An evaluation of In Work CreditBrewer, Mike; Browne, James; Chowdry, Haroon; Crawford, Claire
2010The take-up of Carer's Allowance: A feasibility studyBerthoud, Richard