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2012 Assessing absolute and relative pro-poor growth, with an application to selected African countriesBibi, Sami / Duclos, Jean-Yves / Verdier-Chouchane, Audrey
2011 On various ways of measuring pro-poor growthDeutsch, Joseph / Silber, Jacques
2012 Poverty and welfare measurement on the basis of prospect theoryJäntti, Markus / Kanbur, Ravi / Nyyssölä, Milla / Pirttilä, Jukka
2013 Global poverty, aid, and middle-income countries: Are the country classifications moribund or is global poverty in the process of 'nationalizing'?Sumner, Andy
2011 Dynamic Consistency of Multidimensional and Income Targeting: An Application for Mexico Using Panel Data InformationBouillon, Cesar / Yanez-Pagans, Patricia
2013 A distribuição de renda nas pesquisas domiciliares brasileiras: Harmonização e comparação entre censos, PNADS e POFSFerreira de Souza, Pedro Herculano Guimarães
2014 Just how good is unemployment as a measure of welfare? A policy notede Dios, Emmanuel S. / Dinglasan, Katrina
2013 Behavioral effects of a federal minimum wage and income inequality in GermanyMueller, Kai-Uwe / Steiner, Viktor
2008 Gender and ethnicity in post-conflict KosovoBhaumik, Sumon Kumar / Gang, Ira N. / Yun, Myeong-Su
2010 Mídia e poder: Elementos conceituais e empíricos para o desenvolvimento da democracia BrasileiraFonseca, Francisco

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