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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Regulation of pharmaceutical prices: Evidence from a reference price reform in DenmarkKaiser, Ulrich; Mendez, Susan J.; Rønde, Thomas
2002Self-rated and changes in self-rated health as predictors of mortality: First evidence from german panel dataSchwarze, Johannes; Andersen, Hanfried H.; Anger, Silke
2015How Do Drug Prices Respond to a Change from External to Internal Reference Pricing? Evidence from a Danish Regulatory ReformKaiser, Ulrich; Méndez, Susan J.
2014The Downside Risk of ElevationBruckmeier, Kerstin; Fischer, Georg-Benedikt; Wigger, Berthold U.
2015Comparative advantages of school and workplace environment in competence acquisition: Empirical evidence from a survey among professional tertiary education and training students in SwitzerlandBolli, Thomas; Renold, Ursula
2013Comparación de los modelos formativo, reflexivo y de antecedentes de evaluación estudiantil del servicio de docenciaTaborga, Valdivieso; Eduardo, Carlos
2015Ideology and Dissent among Economists: The Joint Economic Forecast of German Economic Research InstitutesNgo, Ha Quyen; Potrafke, Niklas; Riem, Marina; Schinke, Christoph
2015Employers Opting Out of Public Disability Insurance: Selection or Incentive Effects?Hassink, Wolter; Koning, Pierre; Zwinkels, Wim
2015How individual characteristics and attitudes shape the job search process of graduates.von Proff, Sidonia
2014Motives behind the mobility of university graduates - A study of three German universitiesvon Proff, Sidonia; Duschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas