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2009 Reducing Corruption in Public Education Programs in Africa:Instruments and Capture in MadagascarFrancken, Nathalie
2012 The short-term effects of the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship on student outcomesBartik, Timothy J. / Lachowska, Marta
2002 Why Do Students Expect to Stay Longer in College? Evidence from EuropeBrunello, Giorgio / Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2003 Does it pay to attend a prestigious university?Chevalier, Arnaud / Conlon, Gavan
2000 Smoking, discount rates, and returns to educationFersterer, Josef / Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2002 Public funding and enrolment into higher education in EuropeWinter-Ebmer, Rudolf / Wirz, Aniela
2006 Studiengebühren in Deutschland: Drei Thesen und ihr empirischer GehaltJaneba, Eckhard / Kemnitz, Alexander / Ehrhart, Nick
2004 The effect of mandated state education spending on total local resourcesBaicker, Katherine / Gordon, Nora
2005 Demographic change and public education spending : a conflict between young and old?Grob, Ueli / Wolter, Stefan C.
2005 The private and fiscal returns to schooling and the effect of public policies on private incentives to invest in education : a general framework and some results for the EUDe la Fuente, Angel / Jimeno, Juan F.

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