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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Understanding the impact of the economic crisis on child and maternal health among the poor: Opportunities for South AsiaAbdul Cader, Azra; Perera, Lakwimashi
2014Overeducation, skill mismatches, and labor market outcomes for college graduatesSloane, Peter J.
2015Are Sociocultural Factors Important for Studying a Science University Major?Grossmann, Volker; Osikominu, Aderonke; Osterfeld, Marius
2010Trends in economic research: an international perspectiveCardoso, Ana Rute; Guimarães, Paulo; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2014Stated and revealed heterogeneous risk preferences in educational choiceFossen, Frank M.; Glocker, Daniela
2006Sources and utilization of foodstuffs in Belarusian households: results of the Grodno households surveySchmitz, Susanne; Brosig, Stephan; Degtiarevich, Josif J.; Degtiarevich, Irina J.; Grings, Michael
2016Heterogeneous Effects of High School Peers on Educational OutcomesMendolia, Silvia; Paloyo, Alfredo R.; Walker, Ian
2016Kinder und Jugendliche mit Fluchthintergrund nutzen freiwillige Bildungsangebote seltener - mit Ausnahme der Schul-AGsSpieß, C. Katharina; Westermaier, Franz; Marcus, Jan
2016Children and adolescents with refugee background less likely to participate in voluntary educational programs - with exception of extracurricular school activitiesSpieß, C. Katharina; Westermaier, Franz; Marcus, Jan
2013The Short- and Long-Term Effects of School Choice on Student Outcomes - Evidence from a School Choice Reform in SwedenWondratschek, Verena; Edmark, Karin; Frölich, Markus