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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Validation Study of Transgenerational Effects of Childhood Conditions on the Third Generation Offspring's Economic and Health Outcomes Potentially Driven by Epigenetic Imprintingvan den Berg, Gerard J.; Pinger, Pia
2014Ambient Temperature During Gestation and Cold-Related Adult Mortality in a Swedish Cohort, 1915 to 2002Bruckner, Tim A.; van den Berg, Gerard J.; Smith, Kirk R.; Catalano, Ralph A.
2012Food security and wheat prices in Afghanistan: A distribution-sensitive analysis of household-level impactsD'Souza, Anna; Jolliffe, Dean
2012Firm insurance and sickness absence of employeesWestergård-Nielsen, Niels C.; Pertold, Filip
2012Childhood sexual abuse and later-life economic consequencesBarrett, Alan; Kamiya, Yumiko
2012Is it necessary to walk the talk? The effects of maternal experiences and communication on the sexual behavior of female adolescentsAverett, Susan L.; Estelle, Sarah M.
2008Validating the use of vignettes for subjective threshold scalesDelaney, Liam; Harmon, Colm P.; Kapteyn, Arie; van Soest, Arthur; Smith, James P.
2010Handedness, health and cognitive development: evidence from children in the NLSYJohnston, David W.; Nicholls, Michael E.R.; Shah, Manisha; Shields, Michael A.
2005Do divorcing couples become happier by breaking up?Gardner, Jonathan; Oswald, Andrew J.
2009Landesbaupreis für ALLE? Analyse der Barrierefreiheit von prämierten Objekten des Landesbaupreises Mecklenburg-VorpommernBernier, Antje; Bombeck, Henning