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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Education policy, vocational training, and the youth in Sub-Saharan AfricaOketch, Moses
2010Enhanced fee-for-service model and access to physician services: Evidence from Family Health Groups in OntarioKantarevic, Jasmin; Kralj, Boris; Weinkauf, Darrel
2011Quality and quantity in primary care mixed payment models: Evidence from family health organizations in OntarioKantarevic, Jasmin; Kralj, Boris
2012The Effect of a Bonus Program for Preventive Health Behavior on Health ExpendituresAugurzky, Boris; Reichert, Arndt R.; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2006The German social long-term care insurance - structure and reform optionsArntz, Melanie; Sacchetto, Ralf; Spermann, Alexander; Steffes, Susanne; Widmaier, Sarah
2012Indebted and overweight: The link between weight and household debtAverett, Susan L.; Smith, Julie K.
2014Empowering Women: The Effect of Schooling on Young Women's Knowledge and Use of ContraceptionAndalón, Mabel; Williams, Jenny; Grossman, Michael
2010Does more money make you fat? The effects of quasi-experimental income transfers on adolescent and young adult obesityAkee, Randall K. Q.; Simeonova, Emilia; Copeland, William; Angold, Adrian; Costello, E. Jane
2012Link between pay for performance incentives and physician payment mechanisms: Evidence from the diabetes management incentive in OntarioKantarevic, Jasmin; Kralj, Boris
2012Does uninsurance affect the health outcomes of the insured? Evidence from heart attack patients in CaliforniaDaysal, N. Meltem