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2002 Work and health in Switzerland: Immigrants and nativesWinkelmann, Rainer
2009 Weak IPR and imitation in the south and international exhaustion of patent rights in the north for innovated drugs: A policy gameAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María del Carmen
2009 Health systems, inequality and incentives to innovateAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María D. C.
2010 Income based price subsidies and parallel importsAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María D. C.
2008 Income-based price subsidies, parallel imports and markets access to new drugs for the poorAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María D. C.
2013 The Causal Effect of Retirement on Mortality - Evidence from Targeted Incentives to retire earlyBloemen, Hans / Hochguertel, Stefan / Zweerink, Jochem
2011 HIV/AIDS as a Fiscal LiabilityHaacker, Markus
2001 Income redistribution and access to innovations in health careGarcía-Alonso, María del Carmen / O'Donnell, Owen
2006 Yardstick Competition when Quality is Endogenous: The Case of Hospital RegulationKoehler, Hanjo M.
2011 The Double African Paradox: What does selective mortality tell us?Rouanet, Léa

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