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DateTitle Authors
2005 Generating legitimacy for labor market and welfare state reforms: the role of policy advice in Germany, the Netherlands, and SwedenEichhorst, Werner / Wintermann, Ole
2012 Sistema brasileiro de registro de preços: Virtudes e vícios à luz da teoria econômicaBarbosa, Klênio
2010 Enforcement and Public Corruption: Evidence from US StatesAlt, James E. / Dreyer Lassen, David
2015 Gendered economic policy making: The case of public expenditures on family allowancesOzdamar, Oznur
2007 Determinants of service quality in bureaucracy: Parkinson's theory at workJochimsen, Beate
2008 Managerial Talent, Motivation, and Self-Selection into Public ManagementDelfgaauw, Josse / Dur, Robert
2009 The Transaction Costs Perspective on Costs And Benefits of Government Regulationden Butter, Frank A.G. / de Graaf, Marc / Nijsen, André
2008 The feel-good effect at mega sport events: recommendations for public and private administration informed by the experience of the FIFA World Cup 2006Maennig, Wolfgang
2011 Participação, buzzwords e poder: Uma análise crítica da tendência de proliferação de conselhos e comitês locais enquanto instrumentos de gestão ambiente no BrasilFerraz da Fonseca, Igor
2009 The German elections in the 1870s: why Germany turned from liberalism to protectionismLehmann, Sibylle H.

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