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2001 Cost-effective abatement of ground-level ozone in cities and for larger regions: Implications of non-monotonicityWolfgang, Ove
2009 Mehr zu den politischen Segnungen von FöderalismusSchneider, Andrea / Zimmermann, Klaus W.
2010 Regionalization and federalization in European Union: Application of the principle of subsidiarityEne-Corbeanu, Christian
2001 On the politicization of intergovernmental fiscal relations in Germany after unificationSchneider, Friedrich / Pitlik, Hans / Strotmann, Harald / Schmid, Günther
2001 Fiscal equalisation: Principles and an application to the European UnionHayo, Bernd / Wrede, Matthias
2012 Ecological fiscal transfers at the provincial level in IndonesiaMumbunan, Sonny / Ring, Irene / Lenk, Thomas
2010 Constitutions, regulations, and taxes: Contradictions of different aspects of decentralizationLibman, Alexander
2006 Efficient Revenue Sharing and Upper Level Governments: Theory and Application to GermanyBuettner, Thiess / Hauptmeier, Sebastian / Schwager, Robert
1999 Public procurement in the presence of capital taxationWeichenrieder, Alfons J.
2000 The political economy of EU enlargement and the Treaty of NiceHeinemann, Friedrich

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