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DateTitle Authors
2009 Information, externalities and socioeconomics of Malaria in Honduras: A preliminary analysisAvilés, Maria Victoria / Cuesta, José
2012 The retirement of the migrant labor force: Pension portability and beyondJousten, Alain
2013 Retiree Health Insurance for Public School Employees: Does it Affect Retirement?Fitzpatrick, Maria D.
2009 The Open Method of Coordination (OMC) as an Evolutionary Learning ProcessAnia, Ana B. / Wagener, Andreas
2013 Does Distance Matter? Tuition Fees and Enrollment of First-Year Students at German Public UniversitiesBruckmeier, Kerstin / Fischer, Georg-Benedikt / Wigger, Berthold U.
2013 Analyzing public expenditure benefit incidence in health care: Evidence from IndiaChakraborty, Lekha S. / Singh, Yadawendra / Jacob, Jannet Farida
2013 Impact assessment of alternative reforms of child allowances using RUSMOD: The static tax-benefit microsimulation model for RussiaPopova, Daria
2012 Take-up of Free School Meals: Price effects and peer effectsHolford, Angus
2009 Infrastructure choices in education: Location, build or repairJenkins, Glenn P. / Klevchuk, Andrey / Zeinali, Armin
2009 The open method of coordination (OMC) as an evolutionary learning processAnia, Ana B. / Wagener, Andreas

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